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2014 Drop Zone ~ My Challenge

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drop zone


Hello Friends!  I wanted to share something I am very excited about!  I have challenged myself to push my limits for Easter Seals this year.  If I can raise $1500, I am eligible to rappel down One London Place.  Above, you can see the picture of the building and all of it’s 26 stories!  I have run up all those flights of stairs for United Way a couple of times but this time, I want to experience the rush of rappelling down it!

What a great way to challenge myself while raising money for children with physical disabilities.  Easter Seals does so much for children and their families and I want to help them reach their goals.

I have rappelled before however it has been 20 (!) years.  If I do get to do this challenge(and I plan to!), I want the girls to come and see it.  I want them to see anything that you set your mind to is possible with hard work and an open mind.

If you are able to donate to the cause, please visit my sponsor page here.

I will keep you updated between now and September 17th, the day that the rappelling is scheduled for!

Spread Love,



Break Out of Your Bubble

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Hi Friends! Unfortunately, my administrative login for my blog was not working the past couple days so now that I am in you will be getting double posts today!

As I have mentioned before, we have a pair of guinea pigs that we brought home at the end of the summer.  I had no idea how much entertainment they would provide us.  Our dogs love to watch “Guinea Pig TV”  but we have noticed that rather than seeming threatening, the pigs did not seem affected by the dogs at all.  The dogs have never once looked at the guinea pigs as food and actually tend to watch over them, to the point they will let us know if there is something wrong with their little friends.

Since piggy/puppy relations seem amicable, we have started letting the pigs have more freedom in the living room.  We started out letting them hang out on the floor.  This caused great excitement for the dogs as they can now go up and sniff them.  Literally that is all they do…a gentle sniff and they walk away. 

Our next step has been to open the cage door and let the pigs come and go while someone is supervising.  This is where my life lesson lies.  Even though the door is open, the pigs have yet to venture out on their own.  We will see them trying to bite the bars of their cage yet they will not exit the door on their own free will.  If we place them out of the cage, they will roam around and eventually find their way home. 

So often, we are like those little pigs.  We find ourselves “clawing to escape our cages” and yet when given the opportunity, we do nothing.  Why is this? Leaving the cage is scary.  There are a lot of unknown factors outside of our little world.  We limit our potential by not taking chances in life. 

Friends, today I would like you to remember that you are only as imprisoned as you choose to be.  Is there a goal you are looking to achieve however for some reason you find yourself spinning your wheels instead of reaching for the brass ring?

What is holding you back? Are you afraid of success? Failure? Getting lost and wandering in circles?

I can tell you if you do not poke your nose out of your cage, you will miss out on the incredible opportunities the Universe wants you to have!  No one ever got successful by sitting and waiting to be discovered.  Put yourself out there and see the possibilities!

I wonder how long it will take our pigs to brave the world outside the cage on their own, without us carrying them out of it.  Friends, do not allow yourself to be carried through life.  Put your head up, shoulders back, eyes on the prize and move full steam ahead!  I cannot wait to see where your path takes you!

Spread Love and break out of your bubble,




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Hello Friends! This week marked a very proud moment in my family.  My oldest daughter Sadie has been taking karate since she was 6.  From her first class, she loved it.  When Sades was 7, she started at a new dojo.  Her first one just was not a good fit for her and someone highly recommended I take her to London Shido-Kan Karate Dojo and Larry Bowlby.  I have watched Sadie blossom under his teaching into a confident, talented and determined student.  Watching her focus amazes me. Here she is with her trophy from the yearly tournament in February.

sadesWhile Sades was in class, often Ciara would come and watch.  Since she was always interested in dance, I never thought she would want to join in.  One day she said, “Mama I want to try karate with Sades”.  I spoke to Sensei and he agreed to give her a trial run.  She was only 6 at the time and after a month or two, she said it wasn’t for her.  Never being one to force my children into anything, I agreed to let her stop.  When I talked to Sensei about it, he said to give her the break and she might come back to it.  I have some rules for the girls about anything they participate in.   They are to make sure they are serious about it and they have to try it out for at least a month (you can’t make a decision after just one class). Finally, I tell my girls that if they are not going to focus and work in class, they need to sit out.  I feel with any sport/activity, the instructor is dedicating their time and expertise to teaching the children and they deserve the child’s full attention.

Because of my views on how to behave in class, Ciara sat on the sidelines for quite awhile.  She watched kids who started after she did advance past her level.  Late last fall, Ciara wanted to rejoin the class.  Sensei was not only willing to let her back in class but very supportive.  In February, Ciara competed in her first tournament and she did very well for her level.  We were proud and I told her afterwards that that is what happens when you apply yourself.

This June, Ciara again took a break but it was relatively short, only a month.  Sensei never gave up.  If she came with us to class, he would ask if she wanted to participate.  He always reminded her and me that she was welcome back any time.

In July, Ciara returned to classes.  This month, she attended every class she could and she worked HARD.  Sensei discovered she enjoyed teaching the newer kids things she already knew so he used her to demonstrate and help the newer students.  Her confidence grew, as did her happiness.  Sensei has a system so students can see when they are eligible for a belt upgrade.  They have attendance cards that get stamped each class if the student remembers to pull it out.  Once a card is full, the student is eligible for a belt test.  This does not guarantee them an upgrade, they need to show technique and meet the requirements but without the time committed, you cannot be graded.  This was a great tool for Ciara.  As she saw she was getting close to a full card, she attended every class, she focussed harder and showed determination to reach her goal.

Wednesday, that goal was achieved!  Ciara earned her yellow belt and her dad, step dad, Sensei and I are all so proud of her!

cici yellow beltWhen she watched the video her dad made of her receiving her yellow belt, Ciara got teary.  She said “Mama, I am so proud of myself”.  Ciara told me she will continue to work hard in class while proudly wearing her yellow belt!

Thank you Sensei Larry and Will for never giving up on her.  Thank you for using positive reinforcement to teach your students.  You are giving them confidence in themselves and teaching them the importance of commitment and determination!

Ciara learned a valuable lesson and I feel I re-learned it with her.  When you are determined, you can accomplish anything!

Spread Love,



Can You Afford to Pursue Your Dreams?

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Hi Friends

Please check out this incredible article from my amazing friend and life coach, Patricia Tomasi!

We are so blessed and even spoiled in our lives that we take a lot for granted or think we need things that we do not.  Check out her article and let it all sink in!  It really made me think…

Spread Love,


Manifesting Dreams, Kick Ass Style!

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Hello Friends! I am so excited today!  It has been a fabulous day in our house.

Ciara had an incredible day for a 7 year old!  She earned her yellow stripe in karate which she has been working hard for.  She also had a MAJOR victory!  Today she got her first big girl bike with no training wheels AND she rode it without falling!  I believe the karate helped with this.  She could never master the two wheel bike because of balance issues.  She was so thrilled with her accomplishments that when we got in the door she announced “Candy all around! To celebrate!”

Her victories made me so proud!  What made me even prouder was the fact that Ciara celebrated her victory with her whole heart.  Victories are meant to be celebrated!!

Ciara was not the only one with reason to celebrate today!  I got some incredible news myself!! Kindle informed me that my blog compilation: INSPIRED! From A Very Simple Girl to An Inspired Leo Goddess has been PUBLISHED and is available for purchase here!

This was a test publication for me so I would know what to do when I have finished writing my story.  I taught myself how to convert my blog to an epub, including how to select only the posts I wanted to publish.  From there, I learned how to edit the epub code to correct the literally thousands of conversion errors that were generated.  Once the epub was clear of errors, I learned how to convert it to .pdf and .mobi versions.

I had my book, I had done it!  I was so proud of myself for accomplishing all of this but I was not done yet!  I decided to publish it.  I chose to attempt to publish exclusively with Kindle.  Today I got the news that my ebook was accepted and published!!!  I am soooo thrilled about this.  This is one of many books to come, my fiance says.  His belief in me is amazing!

I feel so blessed that I have such support in my life.  I know I am fortunate to have no one telling me I can’t in my life.  I experienced a lot of that growing up.  I was told what a rotten kid I was on a daily basis.  That treatment almost paralyzed me at times.  Being surrounded by people who believe you can makes such an impact.

There is another reason I am manifesting my dreams!  I have talked many times about meeting Patricia Tomasi and how I am taking her Kick Ass Dreams Dream Manifestation course.  It is a 7 week course and I am just about to start week 4.  I have opened up in ways I did not even know I needed to!  Patricia’s feedback is incredibly insightful and very enlightening.  She has the ability to pick up on any blockages you might have along your journey to manifesting your dreams!  This course is a must for anyone looking to achieve great things!  It includes 3 life coaching sessions with Patricia.  The next round begins on the New Moon, April 10th! For more information, click here!  You also should read her book!

My blog compilation is a great reference for new readers.  In reading over my posts since October, I can see a change in my style and I can also see how I was being prepared for this journey I started just a month ago.

Friends, if there is something you want to do, DO IT!  I know you can, you are amazing!  If you have dreams you want to share, I would be honoured to hear about them!

Spread Love,



Life is like fog

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Good evening!  I hope you are having a great one.  I just got home from a drive that looked like this.  I would love to say it was no big deal, I am not a skittish driver usually but this was TERRIFYING!  I was jetting up the 402 and I could not even see the road signs!  I think that was one of the longest drives of my life, 2nd only to a two hour drive to Stratford in a blizzard back in 2010 when Snowmaggedon arrived in London.  As I am driving along a seemingly endless stretch of highway, what should come to mind?

That’s right.  The Mist, the sci-fi end of the world thriller.  I started to wonder if my next sight would be:

Imagen, the Mist monster!  Fortunately, I did not see any creatures on the side of the road or people being mauled by creatures.  All I saw was lots and lots of fog!  Once I got over my sci-fi daydreams, I started to think about life and how sometimes life can be a little foggy.

We do not always know what is ahead on our road called life. Sometimes it is the distant future that is unclear and sometimes we cannot see what the next 5 minutes will bring.  This does not mean that we stop traveling.  We put one foot in front of the other, confidently on the sunny days and possibly quite hesitant when the view is hard to see.  The good news is that no weather lasts forever so that after the fog will come the sun.

One thing that was not foggy at all tonight was pulling into the driveway safe and sound and just in time to watch Wipe Out with my family.  There is nothing foggy about my love for them.  No real fog or snow could keep me from getting home to them.

Whether your path is foggy or sunny tonight, I send you support.  Just put one foot in front of the other.

Spread Love,