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ME_315_ExactlyWhereIShouldBe1Hello Friends!  How are you doing this week?  I am still enjoying my abundant family time this week.  Tonight was a fun night as Ciara earned her yellow belt in karate.  She was so proud of herself and we all were thrilled to celebrate with her.  Fortunately it was a class where all of us where there, her dad, step dad and mom and she was so happy!

Tonight I am feeling full of gratitude.  I had sent out an email that was a long time coming, I was informing my amazing Avon clients that I have made the decision to close up shop.  The response has been incredibly supportive!  Being off after the wedding and then this week with my family where we did  not have a thousand things to do and were not stressed out has been incredible.  I do not want this week to end.  As soon as I hit send on the email, I had this sense of peace about it all.  I am so glad to have had the time lately to sit back and evaluate my life and circumstances.  I need to write, it’s not an option.  Inspired Leo Goddess is a part of my life at this point and I do my writing when the kids are all settled and I can do something for me.  Everything else just seems to be taking time away from my family.  Sades is turning 10 in a week and a half and she is starting to figure out life and ask the big questions.  Ciara is turning 8 and starting to blossom into a tween.  I don’t want to miss this time or have them feel I am too busy for them.  I want them to know I am here for them whenever they need me and that they come first.

Right at this moment, I am living in the now,  The now is pretty fantastic tonight!  It is incredible how the Universe leads you exactly where you need to be and then provides you this incredible sense of peace just to ensure you do not miss it!  I wish I could freeze time for just a little while, but soon the school bells will be ringing and our crazy school/work/activities dance will start again.

Right now, I am exactly where I need to be.  Are you?  Are you enjoying that amazing peace in your soul or are you unsettled knowing something is wrong but unable to put your finger on it?  Tell the Universe that you want to be where you need to be and then seek out the signs.

I wish only the best for you my friend.

Spread Love,